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Cross Country

Our goal is to provide a variety of safe, inviting and yet challenging cross country jumping in the field terrain and in our wooded trails to all of our riders through training level.

We offer the following levels and heights;

Pre-Elementary                   18"                Max Elemetary              2'3"
Beginner Novice                  2'7"                 Novice 2'11'

Training (Limited ) 3'3" (Schooling Only!)

Our Horse Trial Competitions are seen under the USEA rules, to the best of our ability, in hopes of setting up riders for success at the sanctioned level. In our road to achieving total rider satisfaction at all levels we welcome any and all suggestions or questions. Hilltop Equestrian Center is always adding and changing around jump elements to develop and enable all riders to enjoy Hilltop's cross country courses.

The courses are available for schooling for a fee of $30 per horse / rider combination. Hilltop Equestrian Center requires a call or an email to confirm course is open, a ground person is available and that there is a signed liability waiver.

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